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Discover the magic of music and the piano in an interactive Ebook Experience!

Visit a fairytale village that comes to life with magical rooms filled with sound and light. Learn musical songs from Piano Land friends who use letters and colors to guide little hands.  Learn 3 songs, discover musical patterns, and turn any piano into an interactive Piano Land toy. Little ones ages 3-5 absolutely love Piano Land! 

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Britany R "Avery Has Been Talking Non Stop About Piano Land"

Diyu C "It was really fun for us to learn the songs together"

Lindsay H "He seems really excited"

“Avery has been talking non-stop about Piano Land! She loves it so much! Thank you”

-Britni R.

“I want to say thank you for the fun Piano Land book. This was my son Richard’s first piano class. We bought the ebook because he was so excited about Piano Land and your book indeed attracts his attention and interests in piano. It was really fun for us to learn the songs together and he's also learned some basic concepts in such a interesting way. Thank you for everything!”

-Diyu C.

"Markham has been playing the piano songs everyday and asks me to read the piano land story many times every day! He seems really excited."

-Lindsay H.

Imagine if you could have the instant access to the expertise of a vocal coach who is taught for over 20 years, created groundbreaking, vocal methods, and taught tens of thousands of students, including some of today’s biggest  celebrities Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez. 


Well, now you can have this expertise right at your finger tips. Introducing the singing tricks card deck. With over two decades of experience packed into this deck, you’ll discover the best tips and tricks to sound your very best. 


Are you tired of struggling to hold notes? Want to hit those high notes effortlessly? With this virtual card deck, you’ll learn the hacks that will transform your singing voice. 


You’ll be amazed at how easy it will be to hit high notes, hold notes longer, sing effortlessly, and gain more overall confidence in your voice


But here’s the best part. It’s a simple as clicking a button. Just click below to get your copy And get instant access to your virtual Singing Tricks card deck. 


Singing Tricks Card Deck

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