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With 20+ years of stage experience and thousands of hours of stage time, I'm passionate about teaching the art of entertaining as a singer & performer. In my performance coaching classes, I'll teach you how to make your vocal performance dynamic, how to move on stage & engage your audience.

Music careers today require participation by fans, and consistent styling & branding within your performance.  I'll train you how to do this within your specific genre, how to express the necessary energy for each act, develop your art of expression, learn your signature gestures, and the appropriate body language for each song, unique to each individual artist. To get started, click below to book a free trial class.  

House of Blues last night! _madaleinemurphy _hobdallas _katieparrmusicacademy #southlaketx
Katie Parr Entertainment Group’s Featured Singer Audrey performing at House of Blues _hobd

Monthly Rates beginning at $245

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