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I'm Katie. Singer, expert coach, trusted by top agents, vocal producer, fashion enthusiast, and unshakable optimist, dedicated to helping you reach your greatest potential as a singer. My virtual classes are for all ages & levels to help you really "make it". 


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About Katie

Katie Star is an international singing coach who teaches students all over the world. 

Her clients have appeared on The Voice, America's Got Talent, American Idol, and in major films and TV shows such as Glee, The Billboard Music Awards, The Grammy Awards, MTV Music Video Awards, Camp Rock, The American Music Awards, and more. Her roster of students has included international superstars Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato


Clients range from students who have never sung before to singers sent by agents and studios for training. She also works directly in recording studios, helping to fine-tune performers between takes, and help translate the producers' visions to the vocal artists.

Katie has studied for over 15 years in Dallas, LA and Seattle. She has helped thousands of singers learn to navigate all styles of singing (Pop, Rock, Jazz, R&B, Opera and Musical Theater) while keeping their voices strong and healthy. 

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Lessons With Katie

Lessons are for ALL ages & levels of singers. Lessons are tailored for the individual and are now offered online, in all time zones.

What are lessons like? Unlike any other instrument, the human voice is very unique. Just as our speaking voices are all different, so are our singing voices. That's why in your first class we will discover what makes your voice unique and specifically look at what we will work on together.  We will look specifically at your current vocal range, potential vocal range, your pitch accuracy & vocal aptitudes.  You'll also take a breath support assessment & begin to discover your vocal style. Every vocalist has a blend of musical styles, that best complements their voice. Vocal styles include Pop, Broadway, Jazz, R&B, Rock, Opera and as well as few others.  Because all classes are tailored for each individual student, at the end of your first class you will have a personalized map of what you will learn in vocal lessons. Lessons generally consist of 4 areas of focus:
1- a vocal warm up

2- vocal techniques

3- learning a specific song

4- learning performance techniques which builds singing confidence. 


About My Vocal Techniques:  

The right vocal technique is everything and you can waste years and years and thousands of dollars pursuing the wrong singing technique.  


By investing in yourself with the right teacher, you can become part of the elite singers who know the top secrets and exclusive methods that aren't taught anywhere else.


I'm known in the industry for using a unique combination of top exercises that I have learned from teachers around the world. I've also developed dozens of vocal techniques that are customized for individual students. These techniques are new approaches that have transformed the way my students view singing.

I also teach the mixed voice , which is neglected by most teachers, who still only teach chest and head voice. True mixed voice allows you to sing using your face, helping you to bounce the sound off the tiny caves and bones of your face, which allows you to sing 100 times louder, with more power and much higher.  

I also teach a modern approach for vocal resonance. Vocal resonance was taught in operatic studies years ago and has been ignored and neglected by many of today's modern vocal coaches. 


Since the invention of the microphone, the singer's technical focus has been on vocal placement, and creating vocal textures. Belting is now studied with modern techniques and modern vocal placement. Though these techniques are effective for proper placement and keep your voice healthy,  the art and technique of vocal resonance has been lost.


Resonance connects your voice to your body, your mind and your soul. When you add vocal resonance techniques to modern vocal methods, your voice becomes more powerful, and displays a beautiful depth with rich tone and connects your sound to your emotional expression. It also helps immensely with pitch. I've helped hundreds of students find their resonance, some who originally couldn't find their pitch. After studying with me, they quickly found their voice and their perfect pitch.

Monthly Rates Beginning at-  $245

Singing with Headphones


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Did you know the average student enjoys virtual lessons more than in person lessons? Online lessons are also the ultimate convenience!

 - no travel time to get to class/ learn from home
-online lessons are proven to increase focus , students learn concepts and absorb knowledge 72% faster  
- students enjoy and connect with their teacher more than in person 
-Very beneficial for auditory learners , with playback options
-Visual learners find online classes to be 94% effective
- classes are offered in all time zones

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Online Homework

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