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Starlite Girls Audition Prep

In this 1 hour session with Katie Star, you'll prepare for an audition for The Starlite Girls. More specifically, we will find your strengths as a singer and showcase your voice in the perfect song for your audition. You'll learn the tricks to have a successful audition, get tips on audition hair & make up, how to walk on stage, use a microphone, industry secrets and a few fun surprises!  At the end of the course you'll feel confident and be prepared for your audition for The Starlite Girls.

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Singing with Headphones
Dance Class
Why Students Love This Class
It's offered conveniently online & in person
It's a fun way to see if you have what it takes to be a Starlite Girl
It boots audition confidence 
Gives you the tools you need to succeed at auditions

Ready to get Started? 
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